Hitting the weights at the gym will make you too bulky or too muscular? Sounds familiar? Fret not ladies, today, we tell you why on the contrary, lifting weights, when properly done, could instead be beneficial for you.

  1. Increase metabolism. An hour of strength training burns an average of 100 more calories in the next 24 hours. Its called the Afterburn Effect!
  2. Gain strength without bulking! It is physically IMPOSSIBLE because we have much less testosterone (a key ingredient in building muscle) as compared to men.
  3. Elevate self confidence. Every time you achieve a new personal best, it boosts your self esteem and self confidence!
  4. Lose body fat. Building strength and muscle lowers your body fat percentage and brings out the curves your mama gave you.
  5. Enhance mood and reduce stress! Weight lifting releases endorphins. Similar to the feeling chocolate gives you, but with ZERO calories. An increase in endorphins reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety.

See you at the weights section ladies!

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