Bored of drinking plain water? We have compiled our 3 favourite detox water which are not only good for you but are also fun to drink!

1. Lemon and cucumber water

There is probably nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of cucumber lemon water!

Cucumbers are not only known for their cooling elements, but are also packed with Vitamin B, plus it is rich in both potassium and magnesium!

Lemons give you faster metabolism and contains tons of Vitamin C!
Pair them up to fill you up and flush your system!

2. Grapefruit water

Had a little too wine last night? Nothing grapefruit water can’t cure!

Grapefruits not only help to rid the liver of unhealthy toxins but are also extremely good for your skin. They are also filled with Vitamin C to boost your immunity after a night’s out! Plus its zesty taste would surely perk all your senses, so hangover be gone!

3. Blueberry and orange water

Prefer something not too sour? We can always turn to everyone’s favourite citrus fruit!

Blueberries are know for being one of nature’s super foods (and also a cheaper alternative to acai). The antioxidants found in berries supports our heart health and maintains healthy bones.

Oranges give you a healthy energy boost without the crash! So drink up and feel rejuvenated for the entire day!

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